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Most of the modern medical devices are equipped with a data port to read out information from the device. Unfortunately these ports are not defined as standards, e.g. for several devices this port is called "Medibus". To have access to these information there is a special software needed, which is able to read the special protocols on that port. "MedLink" is such a special software offering a wide range of possibilities to read out the information from several different devices to save them on your harddisc and to implement a complete documentation of your case. MedLink itself is the basic software to handle all available information for any additional software running under Microsoft Windows.

These pages will give you an overview about the functionality of MedLink offering an easy and automatic connection for a complete documentation.

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Important note: Due to the fact that the Medibus is not defined as a medical product the information may not be used for any diagnostically or therapeutically purposes. MedLink is installed on an independent PC so that the device manufacturer cannot be held responsible in any way!

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