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Please fell free to downlaod a limited special test version of MedLink with the complete functionality. Any connection to a medical device is neither necessary nor possible, because all readings are simulated by this special test version. All data of the simulation are more or less out of practical values due to point out the functionality of MedLink more precise!

The simulation is limited to a few readings from the medical device like measured values, device settings, alarms and text messages. For more details about MedLink please look up the integrated help menue of MedLink!

The Demo Version contains the complete functional extent of MedLink including all available options. To test MedLink please download “MedLink evaluation data” and save the file in MedLink program folder named “Values”. In case you did not change the folder during installation you will find the folder under C:/programs/MedLink.

Demo version MedLink Measured value file for download.

Save the file in the folder "values" you can find in MedLink programm directory.

MedLink Flyer for download Short Instructions for download
Download MedLink evaluation data MedLink Flyer MedLink Short Instructions
1,7 MByte

Version 4.0 from 13.11.2006

150 kByte

Version from 8.11.2004

350 kByte

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Version from 8.11.2004

100 kByte

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Version from 03.01.2009